maternal and child health

April 13, 2007 7:33am CST
that maternal mortality and morbidity is worse in refugee situations does not really have any supportive data. The refugee sitation is likely not to have a negative effect on maternal and child health. Rather, care for safe motherhood seems institutionalised and ligistics for safe motherhood services are well formed and help sustain well-being in motherhood, though regudee women especially from Myanmar community. Child deaths occured not after their settling down as urban refugees in New Delhi but at previous places. Causes of all the child deaths varied from malaria, all of which occupy the top 10 killer diseases of child deaths in developing countries. It is conjectured that those deaths are led by lack of health knowledge and dominatly poor infrastructure for access to health facilities. Compared to their earlier experiences, maternal and child health in New Delhi is better with urban health facilities and subsidised helath care offered by the UNHCR.
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