Imus and what was racist?

United States
April 13, 2007 8:07am CST
I am done listening to all this crazy mess...But I do have a questions about this Imus stuff... What did he say that was racist? What did he do or say to get the NAACP involved in this? I have listened over and over on the news, good morning america, todays show....I still didnt hear anything about black, colored or anything else....I havent heard anything out of the 2-3 white girls on the basketball team...SO are they not considered part of this eventhough it was directed to the team as a whole.... One of the (white) girls spoke out and only spoke about the black girls on her team.... Please help me out with the racist part of this, so I can understand...... I am a debater and so I need this information to rest my thinking..... Have a wonderful day:)
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
13 Apr 07
the racist part of his comment was calling them "nappy headed" which is a derogatory slur....add to that the fact that he also called them "ho's" (as in wh0res) and its a recipe for trouble..
• United States
14 Apr 07
I understand the comment and by no means was it nice at all, but why was the NAACP called in and the civil rights people.....Thats what I am wondering...
• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
may be you right