Why all the Drama??

@Erilyn (3020)
United States
April 13, 2007 8:16am CST
I had a friend who was constantly telling me how abusive her husband is (she is a stay at home mom and he wanted the house clean when he got home)and how he doesn't treat her right, doesn't help her etc. I told her that she needed to decide wether she is better off with him or without him. To look at the over all situation and decide what she needed to do for herself and her kid. Then all I heard was how she wanted to leave him but she couldn't for various reasons. Every day it was something else. I then told her maybe it was time for her to get some therapy or something such as couples counseling. I got all kids of excuses for that also. Then finally after a couple of months of this going on, I finally said enough was enough I couldn't be dragged into this any longer. I told her she needed to decide what she was going to do, don't make any more excuses about it and go forward from there. If she was going to stay with him then she needed to make the best of it and try to work things out with him, if she wanted to leave she needed to quit making excuses and just do it. Well now she isn't speaking to me at all. I think I hurt her feelings when I wasn't going to sit around and listen to her complain all the time anymore. Going through a tough time is one thing, but constantly finding things to complain about, and just wanting someone to feel sorry for you is something else entirely.
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• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
there are too many kind of people in this world
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