Why Migraines Suck

United States
October 19, 2006 4:54pm CST
I have chronic daily headache and intractable daily migraine. This has been chronic for the last 4 years, and acute for 20 years prior to that. I have lost time from my family, time from work (when I was well enough to work) and feel I have lost some of my future. I have spent money on drugs, procedures, therapies, and sessions. And you know what? None of it worked. Anyone else suffering from Chronic Daily Headache or frequent migraine?
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@buenavida (8200)
• Sweden
26 Nov 06
Here are a couple of suggestions, perhaps food supplements can help. I used to have headace some years ago but since I started taking quality food supplements, this problem has almost disappeared. You can check with www.gnld.com. Many pains can disappear if we get enough of basic minerals like calcium and magnesium. Our bodies often tend to bee too acid so we need to neutralize the acids with these minerals.
@LovingIt (5398)
• United States
19 Nov 06
So much for my question. Nothing worked for me either until I found Topamax. It was a lifesaver for me. I still got them every 3 or 4 months after that but they weren't as bad and they responded to the Relpax, which they didn't before. I finally got fired from my job and now I've been able to stop the Topamax and I'm not having them. Apparently it was the "Job from Hell" and the stress related to it that was causing them to start with. I still get one occasionally, but before I was getting 3 or 4 a week and it was pure hell! I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully something will work for you.
@istanto (8571)
• Indonesia
19 Oct 06
you should have more time for rest. dont thinking to much. try to relax and enjoy. migrain come when you to much thinking about something and you cannot answer it. sorry for my poor english i try the best.