Wht do u think will happen if someday u lose your cell phone

@zing_i (269)
United States
April 13, 2007 9:30am CST
If u lose ur cell phone some day wht will u be sad about the loss of the phone and the money assosiated to it or the data that was stored in that
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@fen_fen (36)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 07
maybe i'll be sad for a while and a litte bit mad because i'have spent a lot of money to buy cell phone. but after that i'll will buy onother one
• Ireland
13 Apr 07
I work in a mobile phone shop and the amount of people who lose or break their phones is unbelievable. Mostly people are more worried about the information on the phone that's gone rather than the cost. Phone numbers, pictures etc are more important to me. We sell alot of sim card back up devices because of this worry.