Are Devils lving in the mango tree?

Devils in tree - devils
@subathra (3519)
April 13, 2007 9:35am CST
n some part of India people believe firmly that devils live in the mango tree.People dont allow children to come closer to mango trees in the night. In this scientific world it has been proved that there is no such things exist now.Even we have a very big mango tree in front of our home and till now nor myself, any of my family member or any of our neighbours have found any such devil in our tree. How can we make these people not to believe this devil business? Do you believe this or have any such experiance of frightening by devils in trees?
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@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
27 Apr 07
I think devil often to lives on durian tree
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@lexus54 (3576)
• Singapore
4 Jun 07
I've also heard that devils live in banana trees. LOL...all fruit trees will have devils living in them soon if we choose to believe all of these. But seriously, I think all these tales and accounts of devils living in various kinds of trees descended from folklore and beliefs from our forefathers' days, and probably in certain cultures only. True or not, many people have probably discarded these in our modern world. But folklore and superstitions still rule some peoples' lives even to this day.
@worthy (2413)
• India
13 Apr 07
I don't think so.There are a few mango trees in our back yard.we've been living here for past couple of years and haven't experienced anything of the sort.There's one right behind my bedroom. Families living in this house before us too never complained anything of the sort.
• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
it do i am gonna tell you the truth about grandmother's house has a mango tree.when i was 8 years old my grandfather,uncle and cousin brother cut the tree.there was evil indian lady spirit living inside.she was so angry my family destroy her she seeked revenge from it.first it started with my grandfather passed away then my cousin brother and lastly my uncle. she wanted to destroy all the man in my family.after that a lot of weird things day my cousin sister fell asleep beside the mango tree.started from that day the evil lady started to disturb her.but we managed to heal her.i am not sure whether the evil lady still inside the mango tree as i didn't go back there for a few years