Has the government gone too far?

United States
April 13, 2007 10:19am CST
NJ is considering prohibiting people from smoking in their cars. Now I'm a smoker (temporarily again due to a nasty custody fight) but considering we're paying in taxes here, we SHOULD be allowed to smoke in their cars! Honestly, most cars today are not equipped with an ashtray (mine isn't) and people tend to leave the window open anyway! I think the attention should be refocused to something that really matters--rampant ethics problems among the politians in this state!
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• United States
13 Apr 07
As a smoker, I quit for a year, again I am already being penalized for my dangerous ?? vice. I cant go out for a nice dinner, enjoy coffee in a coffee shop, dont join friends for a drink in bars- all become I am a dangeous to life and limb of the rest of the population. I am not a thief, murderer, molesterer, but all of these people are welcome to places I am not. I'll be damned if I will be told I can't smoke in my own car (which I do not do if I have a non-smoker passenger). Grrr.
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