what's the most tricky thing you've ever done?

@aciddrop (798)
April 13, 2007 11:09am CST
i incidentally heard someone say:"you're the most important person in my life."well it was a part of a conversation carried out by a guy and a girl.apparently they're lovers.i just immediately felt like bursting into laughing.knock that off boy!you know thats a tooooooo old though tricky way to confirm ur love or make you loved in a relationship.i would never believe if someone tells things like that to me unless he doesnt have family or a nasty one.nobody can be more important than parents for most of ppl. i think this is funny but not successfully tricky.have you ever done anything tricky on purpose?good or bad.
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@adicsen (32)
• India
14 Apr 07
Hii, I'm used to play tricks on my mother.Becz my mother cooks food deliciously so used to say the items r very tasty n when she sometimes misses something in an item i'll say the item is nice.So i want to c the happiness of my mother n she will try to do something variety dish for me.I'll say r do anything for my mother.,do U?
@aciddrop (798)
14 Apr 07
nice son!
@lizeri (533)
• Philippines
14 Apr 07
Actually, I don't have any plans of entering a relationship. I am very busy in my school and there are lots of projects that are waiting for me. And so, I will really have no time for guys. Besides, I'm not that desperate. But unexpectedly, I was almost to enter one because of a guy whom I just met a year ago but I just realized that he has a crush on me when we once talk to the phone. I also like him for being a nice person, but then he is already committed to someone else. But despite of being in a relationship, he still managed to express his sweetness to me. At first I don't mind, but then I thought "How about the third party?" Well, luckily, her girlfriend does not know about this, but I know for sure, she doubts. He keeps on sending me messages through SMS that as if he was courting there. Well, since I like him, I tried something else that would test his feelings for me. And so, what I did is, I tend to act like a child so that we could just stay in the equilibrium of our relationship to each other - as friends. Another is, I really check out his background without making him know it. And when we talked, he was very surprised, I easily deal with him. Somehow, I put some boundaries so that nobody could be hurt. And since he liked me, he did whatever I said. The trickiest part there is, I told him to stay with his present partner for if he does, that only means.... just figure it out!