Coming out, your stories

April 13, 2007 1:15pm CST
As a forewarning, this topic may not be for everyone. Ideally it's to show the variance of acceptances when people come out to both their friends and parents and how you dealt with what came as a result. I came out to my friends around four years ago when I was 17. Coming out to them was the easiest part as I was incredibly lucky that they all accepted it. Being of similar generations they all understood and had seen elements in my behaviour prior to coming out. I always found it easier to tell strangers and people that I didn't have to go home to like my family. My sister and step-sister, I told when I was 19 and they both said that while they didn't see it in me, they knew that as long as I was happy they would be fine with it. The hardest part for me was building the confidence to tell my parents, my step-mum was very supportive when I told her little after my 20th birthday and she recommended I tell my dad on the same night. I did, and while dreading a harsher reaction I still got a pretty dissappointing one. He cried and told me that he wished I'd never told him. From that day onwards, little more than the occaisional 'hello' is said between me and my father and he seldom asks after me. How was your coming out taken when you came out to your friends and your parents?
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@ravinskye (8242)
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13 Apr 07
well, i don't have a coming out story, i just wanted to applaud you for the bravery to tell your family. I'm sorry that your dad isn't taking it very well and I hope for your future that he comes around. :)
13 Apr 07
Thanks Ravinskye, I hope he does too. Your comments are much appreciated.
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13 Jun 07
Hey Littlepaul, I have to say a huge congrats to you for having the strength and bravery to come out. I have only been able to come out to close friends as of yet myself. Facing my mother who is also extremely religious and adamantly against this lifestyle- is something that I fear more than anything right now. Partly because of her health, partly because I am an only child and she was a single mother. But, you never know- I suppose all of those factors could be a good thing.