Planning a vacation with ur family?What about ur pets?

April 13, 2007 1:41pm CST
here are afew things to be remembered before going out wiht ur pets: TRAVELLING IN A CAR Are u sure that ur pet is comfortable with the idea of travelling in a car?If not,then before going for a long drive,try out some small trips,so that ur pet gets used to travelling. IN THE AIR While taking a flight,be sureabout the total time in the flight.As long journeymay be troublesome for ur pet. Keep some old clothes and room freshener with you. CHECK-IN TIME Before leaving from home,make sure about the hotel booking and also that the hotel allows pets.Go to the hotel only they allow to keep pets.Also check whether they chare for pets,if yes,then how much and what are the facilities thy provide to ur prts. If u are done with all these things,then your vacation is fun for sure.
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