What attracts you In online shopping

United States
April 13, 2007 9:35pm CST
If your like me. Your tired of sufing the Internet looking for a site to shop that you believe Is far honest and has the best deals. Your like me, you want one place you can log on to and be able to go get It all done without endless searching only to be lead to more advertising and popups. Well this Is the goal of my website. I'm the true franchise owner of my website Its 100% of what I'm saying It Is and now I want to put It to the test. I would Invite all my friends here on Mylot to visit It and browse you want have to surf just browse. You want be annoyed by popups just browse. When your done, I want you to let me have It tell me all I'm doing wrong or even right with my sigh. I don't want you to stop there either I want, No. I demand that you try your hardest to look for prices for the merchandise I have online and bet my prices. If you do, here's my deal for you. You email me the online compared price of the same exact make, model and series of the product line I offer and not only will I lower the price below that by five percent. I will also give you another one time 20% off on the Item for a total of 25% of guranteed my promise and the Items will always stay the 5% below market price. This Is putting the price of merchandise control back In the hands of the consumer. So If your ready to let me have It, here's the sight address. deesesupermall.com. Good Luck
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@kaperkitty (1097)
• Canada
14 Apr 07
There are a couple of things i like about on line shopping for one my health is not always great and shopping from home allows to get a lot done. Another is I get great deals and I can often get sizes and styles that are not available in the stores in my city. Many of the stores I shop on line support airmiles which I use for travel. I like usual things for my home ebay and the like give me a wide variety at great prices. and I don't have to drag my husband to the mall another great plus Cheryl
• United States
16 Apr 07
I have a wonderful site for you to see that handle lot of what your discussing. Stop by and email me about my sight. www.deesesupermall.com Let me know what you like and don't like about my sight compared to other sights you visit and I'll give you discounts from my already low market prices. Thank you.
• Canada
1 May 07
thanks so much for the link and the best response both are much appreciated cheryl
• India
25 Apr 07
I only use the online shopping when find that the thing which I wanted is not available in my area.
@andben (1076)
• Italy
18 Apr 07
I agree with you. I like online shopping because it's very comfortable, in fact I can stay at home visiting many shops and comparing many prizes of the same product. I also don't have to take my car, driving in the traffic, find a parking etc., so, online shopping is very fast.