I Was On Cops!

@Rozie37 (15499)
April 14, 2007 1:12am CST
This was one of the scariest experiences in my life. I was living with my ex-boyfriend. He had bought a 32 inch screen television from his cousin. His cousin had stole the television by using a fake credit card and then promised it to a girl. Then, he decided, while it was in storage to sale it and a VCR to his cousin, my boyfriend. I had been told about the girlfriend wanting the television and that if she came over looking for it, not to let her in. My boyfriend also showed me reciepts to show to the cops if they were called. Wouldn't you know it, this loud girl, showed up looking for the television when my boyfriend was out of town and his cousin was somewhere buying drugs. She knocked on the door, said her name and told me what she was there for. She really expected my to open the door and let her in. After a while, it wasn't so much that I was afraid of her getting the t.v. as I was of what she was going to do to me if she got in. She kept ranting and raving and screaming and I was in the bedroom looking for bullets to my boyfriends 22 caliber gun. I had never shot a gun and wasn't planning to then, but I was scared. I am so glad that I never took the gun to the window and showed it to her to scare her off. Actually, if I thought about it, I probably would have. Anyway, at some point, I guess she realized that she was not coming in and she got tired of ranting and raving, because the next thing I knew the police were knocking at the door. I put the gun up-that I didn't even know how to load or fire. I went to open the door. When they entered, the first thing that they saw was the television in question on the other side of the room. They questioned me and then followed me to the bedroom to look at the reciepts. I didn't know what they were then and I don't know now. All I know is that when they were looking at those papers my knees were doing a rapid session of the funky chicken, I mean they were knocking double time. When they were satisfied with what they saw, they said thank you and left. After they were gone, a man that had been behind them with a big video camera came back and knocked on the door. I had noticed him before, but had not paid him much attention. He explained to me that he had been filming for the show Cops and asked me if I wanted my face to be shown or not. Simple question, simple answer, no. The first thing that I thought was what in the world will my family say if they see me on Cops. So he told me that since I did not want to show my face, I would not get a copy of the tape. I am thinking, oh great, now what will I show at the next family reunion. I don't even think he told me what day it would air and if he did, I don't remember. I am so glad that God brought me out of that crazy life I was living. As I look back now, I know that I did not belong there. I stuck out like a sore thumb. God gave me the courage to walk away and I have never had to go back. Just another testimony of God's goodness and mercy working in my life.
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14 Apr 07
I was trying to think of something funny to say but nothing I tought of when typed looked good. What a horrifying experience you went though. I am glad to hear you are out of the world of cops and robbers. I have been to big of a chicken to even get involved with anyone who breaks the law. Anytime I have done anything wrong in my life I have been caught. God had kept me on the right path and if my father found out he would have beat me to no end.