quit from smoking not from??????????????/

@sonustar (328)
April 14, 2007 2:36am CST
QUIT FROM SMOKING NOT FROM?????????? nowadays even too young started to smoke. guys ok??? even girls started thats the thing happenng in colleges.. guys were starting ok they are working ,lots of responsibilies,tension we can bear them. but see what happened to these girls .after comin to college faraway from thier homes and see thier getting spoiled themselves.. QUIT FROM SMOKING, NOT FROM LIFE.... how to advice these persons.. whether you heard about this.. whether you felt,are you a smoker??? you know i smoke socially and i'm feeling because i cant quit it,let atleast think to advice ohers to not get addict.. there is saying.. IF YOU KEEP ON ADVICING OTHERS ,YOU WONT DO WRONG THINGS.. who follows this,rare persons do this.. i started now ,you know after doing this i reduced smoking... hope so you to do the same ,if you are a smoker..
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@samrat16 (2442)
• India
14 Apr 07
I have got a piece of advice to smokers out there. For everyone out there if you have tried to quit smoking before and have not been successful you are part of the more than 95% of smokers who need effective support to quit smoking. The industry and the politics of the day is to damn all smokers as weak though the reality is that most smokers need support to quit smoking and this is not being publicized to the level it should be given its direct connection to quit smoking success: 95% of all smokers cannot quit smoking without effective support but most smokers are not being told this though it is absolute fact. Don't damn smokers because it is capitalism that created, supported and encouraged the addiction of so many. The only statistics that support second hand smoke in actuality are those connected with long term and regular exposure not one restaurant trip. Give smokers a break and help them quit smoking forever instead of daming them; if you can't offer a solution don't offer a negative view. I think this advice can work as well as your advice . Great work friend.