FOREX TRADING is it really profitable?

April 14, 2007 3:24am CST
Im thinking of trying to enter to FOREX need advice on how to start and is it really profitable please tell me your experiences on FOREX thanks
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@lifetalk (681)
• Pakistan
14 Apr 07
Well, i've never traded on the forex, that's why i dont have much experience with it. However, i can tell you that i have had experience with HYIP's and i guess it's no different than those. I mean, it's just as risky and the chances of losing your money are great. Just as much as there are of gaining it! However, it's always worth a try! :) Good Luck!
• Australia
19 Apr 07
I have to disagree when you say HYIP and forex are the same thing. The main difference is with HYIP, the program admin decide whether we will loose or win, they choose to pay us or not. With forex WE decide that. If we educate ourself when trading and follow some rules like applying Stop Loss etc. We will survive in forex.
• Indonesia
24 Apr 07
To make FOREX as source of income is not easy. You must devote yourself as as disciple of long-life learning. There is a high risk involved, yet there are huge possibility for you to gain high profit. What you have to know is, at what point you want to rush to put an entry and and at what point you want to exit immediately. And one thing, after you master the principle of forex trading then you need some nice 'dough' to invest.
• India
14 Apr 07
it is profitable. But risky. Just trade at the right time. Dont be in a hurry. i have an account with I make 20-30$ Daily. Spend 2-3 Hrs a day. My capital amount is less so I make less profit otherwise making 1000$ a day is not a difficult task. But Nore : Risk factor is there. As Said earlier...You Win money and lose too...