do you prefer to be an employer or an employee

April 14, 2007 4:50am CST
I have been working as an employee in a big restaurant in Italy but although I am satisfied with the money I make I know very well that I deserve something more.I have never felt independent ,I need to be always submissive in general I deserve a better treatment. The whole restaurant is based on my own effort and techniques .I do not find it fair for myself. So I have decided to open a restaurant on my own . Some people tell me to stay in my job because when I open a restaurant then I will be completely occupied.I won't have any free time for myself. I can not accept it for myself .I think that I can work for myself and not for somebody else. My first choice will be Greece. What would you prefer to be in your life?An employer or an employee?
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@tombiz (2039)
• Philippines
2 May 07
As I read your story, I understand your situation right now. I think with all your talents and expertise in the business, it's time to head off somewhere and start your own. You will defintely be a success! Just make sure that you already have all the ingredients to make it in the restaurant business. As for me, I will defintely choose to be my own boss if given the chance to be. Although it requires so much work, defintely the rewards could be great. Goodluck to you!
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
14 Apr 07
I would rather be a hammer than a nail as the old song goes. Of course everyone would rather be an employer, what possible advantages can there be in being paid less than the value of your labour just to make a living for an employer? blessed be
@Bizziebod (3526)
14 Apr 07
Let's think about it I've been both an employee and now I run my own business so I guess I employ myself, however I have also been a manager in certain other businesses too where I had employees working for me. Even when you own your own business your customer is then the ones that are pulling the strings and not one employer so I guess whatever is the lesser of the two, there are pro's and cons to everything. When you're an employer you have 10 times more responsibility, not only your customers, your employees and the tax man which can mean 10 times more headaches. When you're an employee then you have the customers and the boss to deal with (lets face it some bosses are worse than the tax man) Personally I prefer to be an employer than an employee, but I can understand why some people wouldn't want that responsibility. Good luck in whatever you decide!