Is it correct/polite to kiss (on the cheek) a woman you met for the 1st time?

United States
April 14, 2007 5:23am CST
Is this etiquette proper?
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• Philippines
14 Apr 07
Well if you were a guy, and you were the 1st one who kiss the woman, then it is improper. Because, we should all know that being a guy, we should let woman 1st to kiss a guy and that is etiquette proper. Why we should wait for the woman to kiss us if we can kiss them then? It's because aside from the fact that is the right thing to do, it is also been practice already because if we kiss woman first in the time we met them, they will think that we're just taking advantage on them. So guys should wait till the woman kiss you on the cheek when you met for the 1st time. If she kissed you, then it would be good. But if it's not, then better luck next time. hehe Cheers and have a nice day ahead from Francis.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
14 Apr 07
In my culture its polite and a sign of respect to kiss on the cheek, the lips or rub noses. But for me personally I dont get into neither and dont encourage my children too either, for fear of getting a stink face from there lips and just plain ol hygene guide lines... To some people of my culture, they would get offended big time and think Im disrespecting them, especially when it comes to my grand parents, cos we give our cheek instead lol, I just tell who ever it may be my views on why we dont do that... If they cant handle it, tuff cookies, life goes on anyway.
14 Apr 07
Depends on your culture. the french do it all the time. Not advisable in England. We are far too up tight.