Love is confusing.

April 14, 2007 6:21am CST
Hello Guys I had two of my best friends namely Mark and Nikki. Mark loved Nikki and I helped him in getting closer n closer to Nikki. Nikki didnt love him but my words made her love him. But it was then when I realised that I have fallen in love with Nikki. Now I cannot understand what should I do. I cant resist myself from telling her neithr can I break my friendship with Mark. I also dont know that what will be nikki's reaction when she gets to know that I love her. Should I tell Nikki about my love and emotions for her or should I burrow it in my heart and strengthen their relationship? Plz help me out Guys!
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• Malaysia
14 Apr 07
Love is so confusing. But people don't, right? You have brain to think and heart to wonder.. who can you blame? no one.. it just fate.. (is it?) Some said that love is selfish. If u love her then go for her even that's mean u have to stole her from your bestfriend. But some wise men said that if u love someone, let her be with her love. Pray for her happiness. The choice is yours. By the way, Niki already like Mark. And did she have feeling for u? If not, just let her go. True love does not mean that you will have her... by pray for her happiness and let her be with her love.. that is the true love. Did i told you Love sometimes is cruel...
• India
15 Apr 07
thnx for ur wonderful advice
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
You got yourself in a sticky situation there..=( hmm. I have friends with the same situation as you. As you would expect, the 3 of them are now not friends, because the girl got into a relationship with both of them consequently. The other found out about the other and now they act as if they do not know each other. My advice for you is better keep that feeling to yourself first if you don't want to lose a friend or friends.