Can creative writers develop "Androgyny" within themselves while writing?

April 14, 2007 8:45am CST
S.T. Coleridge and Virginia Woolf propounded and popularised this idea. Briefly: General belief is that male writers have a "male outlook and point of view" and female writers a "feminine outlook and a feminine point of view". The result is the creative output may have a male bias or a female bias. The concept of "androgyny" involves the same creative writer operates on two planes: 1. a male plane 2. a female plane., simultaneously within the same body and mind. Ms. Woolf got this idea, as we find from her lectures "A room of one's own", when she saw a boy and girl entering a taxi cab and leaving. A writer who can think in both ways (male and female) without hampering one another, hisher characters will be more true-to-life and balanced. The concept can be extended to other arts like painting, music etc. Do you support the "Androgyny"?
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• India
19 Jul 07
what is there not to support they are not like that by choice.. its matter of genes..