boyfriend playing head games?

United States
April 14, 2007 9:27am CST
Me and my boyfriend had another argument last night... One of his friends (who used to also be my friend)called me a b**** and he actually agreed with him and told me that I'm a crazy b**** sometimes. Not only did this hurt.. incredibly.. but he went on about it.. and it was killing me. I did nothing to deserve that title. So i told him to stop saying that.. and I said, "honny, if you call me that one more time I think i might pop". His reply: "B**** B**** B****!! Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?"I was a bit shocked at how he handled that so I said nothing.. ..and he continued with: "I thougt so!"Then~ when i finally can't handle it anymore.... and I getupset crying~ he will sit there and call me crazy~ mentally ill. Tells me I need a psychiatrist. But, honestly, I tell him what exactly I cannot handle~ before it happens, even. And he continues to do it.. Like ignoring me... He will go out of his way to ignore me because he knows it drives me insane!I will get paniced and frustrated... and he'll call me crazy and all that~The one thing that really bothered me the most... is that his mother told him: "If you're next girlfriend ever shows signs that she's mentally ill or crazy then you leave her right away so this wont' happen again". You want to know how I knew she said that? He told me last night. Right after he said to me "I should listen to my mother from now on". What do I do about this.... It might sound crazy~ but neither of us want to get out of the relationship... I'm just looking for a way to work things out. Like sitting down and calmly telling the other person how you feel. Try to find understanding. I've asked him for this... but he tells me he doesn't want to deal with it and ignores me. How can I make things better...???
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