Any one can have kids not anyone can raise them right??

United States
April 14, 2007 9:29am CST
I just read in the papper where a 23 year old Mother and her 25 year old boyfriend went out last night leaving her 7,3,and one year old home alone. The babby had some problems she was dehyderated and undernourished. The 3 year old was lock in his room, and the 7 year old was out riding his bike and was almost hit by a car. Am I seeing this happen more and more. I was afraid to go out and walk down the driveway and get the mail and leave the kids alone when they were that young and that was a one minute trip. I do not get some parents today. I am in unbeleive that parents could take their kids for granit and do some of these things what do you think?
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• Philippines
14 Apr 07
Its very alarming. Sometime people are so irresponsible. If only kids can take care of themselves, Who needs parents!