How women's lib is helping and hurting our society.

fighting women - Women in America are some of the smartest and strongest in the world but is that best for our society
United States
April 14, 2007 9:42am CST
The problem with women's lib is the effect on the young men of our society. Without a role model or teachers of how to survive as men, boys will become fragmented and distant. Often women have legitimate reasons for breaking up with the child's father but often through pain or envy or just downright meanness they seek to damage the relationship between the man and his son. This is one of the most hurtful things about our society and the damage it does. As a special education teacher I see everyday these lost and wayward young men. In most all cases they do not have fathers at home. This is the crisis of our day how do we help fathers live up to the responsibilities of fatherhood. Our women in America are the most intelligent in the world and should be exulted but we must help them face the problem also for the good of society. It is one thing to make most of the money but another to use that in a way to benefit your family and society. This is where we are today.
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