Choice after Life

April 14, 2007 10:30am CST
Will you choose to be buried or you preffered to be creamated?
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@jillmalitz (5132)
• United States
14 Apr 07
My choice would be cremation. I have never (even as a kid) liked the idea of going to a cemetery. I know people go to put flowers on a grave or talk to their departed. I guess it makes them feel better. I always thought eventually there would be no more room to bury people. Besides I would rather be remembered for who I was not that I am in a (expensive) casket in the ground. Scatter my ashes in the sea.
• Philippines
14 Apr 07
I would also want to be cremate but not to be trown out in the sea.. I want my ashes to be placed in my home with my family.
@kaperkitty (1097)
• Canada
14 Apr 07
I have a a genuine fear of being buried and with this in mind i would prefer to be cremated. Also I'm an organ donor and I have chosen everything of any use be taken and the remainder be cremated and then spread at a spot i love on the island on which I live.I love Lighthouse point and i would love my ashes to be poured over the waves there Cheryl
• Canada
24 Apr 07
thanks for the best response it is much appreciated cheryl
@lols189 (4797)
16 Apr 07
i would prefer to be buried as i dont like the idea of getting cremated. also my family members who have passed away have all been buried so i would rather be in the cemetry by them