Help me about installing pc

United States
April 14, 2007 10:52am CST
I have purchased a pc and I have to make it work. Earlier I had widows xp. I have cds of windows xp professional, keyboard, motherboard,mouse etc. How to start?
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@parnap (124)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 07
okay know the things you need to do is insert your new windows xp to your cd drive and let the the drive continue his work :), just read and follow the direction within instalation :) hope this can help you
@fen_fen (36)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 07
first u have to know what bios chipset do u use (award/AMI)bios. turn on your comp and enter BIOS (Del/F10. find "1st BOOT PRIORITY" and change from "hard drive" to cd/dvd rom. save your bios setting (F10), out from Bios setting. insert windows cd, installing start from here,just follOw the instruction. format your hard drive using NTFS (QUICK method will be enough).fill in the cd key and wait for 30-45 minutes. after intalling windows finish u just simply install the rest (keyboard, motherboard,mouse etc and just read the instruction). finish, just simply as that. I hope this will be usefull for u
• United States
14 Apr 07
it depends on alot. did the xp disc go with another pc? is that pc still operating? if not then you can use that disc. does the pc that you have have anything on it now? if not you need to make sure you have the drivers for your board. if it is working and has a program on it now just put the xp disc in and follow the directions. it will walk you through everything. if it has nothing on it at all then you will need to format the hard drive and then install xp. another question is do you have xp full or updated version. if you just have the update you will need windows 98 if you have noting on the pc right now. i know this may have not helped alot but i dont know what status your pc is in at the momment
@webbuff (926)
• Philippines
14 Apr 07
its really easy how to install windows XP on your PC. first, install all the PC parts (cpu,keyboard,mouse,monitor) plug it to the outlet. then, press the ON button of your PC. then, open the CD, insert your Windows XP CD installer then,hit the restart button of your pc (this will restart your pc) granted your PC detect the CD from your PC you will prompt to hit the a button to install Windows XP. Follow the steps in installing. Make sure you have a NTFS selected on formating your Harddisk then follow the instruction on installing e.g. time,date,serial number, etc. i hope this helps. goodluck
@darkness01 (1304)
14 Apr 07
Installing windows can be daunting first time around. Once you do it though its easy. First thing you need to do is format your hard drive: the link below covers the installation of windows xp: