How much does your Cell Phone Battery cost?

United States
April 14, 2007 2:19pm CST
Okay my phone recently decided to croak, go figure right, not even time for an upgrade or whatever it is called. I went to the company and everything, they told me I could always buy a new battery. The phone, less than a year ago cost me about $75 and the battery in which I need for it to run will cost me $60-$65. So, do you know how much yours will be?
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@Hart57 (359)
• United States
14 Apr 07
You must use your cell phone a lot more than I use mine. I've had mine (a bottom-of-the-line Nokia) for nearly two years, and the battery has not yet crapped out. So I don't have any idea how much a new battery will cost, but, frankly, I'm surprised to hear that they can be so expensive. I've been wondering if it's possible to periodically have your battery tested (just like you can do with your car battery) to gauge it's health. That way, you can replace it before the juice runs out. Othewise, in keeping with Murphy's law, your battery is liable to crap out at the worst possible time. If anybody knows whether it's possible to test a cell phone battery, let me know.
• United States
15 Apr 07
not sure but sounds like a good discussion. But it would've really helped me out, it does still work but I must keep callign the person back as it does hang up a LOT. Oh I have a Kyocera cell phone. Not sure if that is good or bad.
• China
17 Apr 07
oh, my God, only a battery cost you so much , I really can't believe it. you know ,in my country , a cell pnone battery will cost only $8-10, 60-65 can buy a cell phone .haha ,that is too expensive, next time, I can help you buy one in China, just tell me the medel of you cell phone, I think I can help you.good lucky.
@cvignesh (305)
• India
16 Apr 07
My phone battery comes to 22-25$...i know its very costly...original mobile accessories are always costly
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• Canada
14 Apr 07
I don't know how much a new batter for my cellphone would cost, as I've never had to replace it. I've had the same cellphone since 2002, and I've never had to replace the batter in it. The chargers are still good too, and I'm happy with it. I hope I'll never have to find out what a replacement battery will cost.
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@johnty (1)
29 Apr 09
it will cost me anything from $10000000000000000000-$1 and thats rather cheap as it cost me $5000000000000 to charge my bugatti veyron battery
@busta1 (1029)
• United States
21 May 08
i think its about 20 or 30 not 100% sure really...never looked it up to see how much it was