Did you Know - Adidas & Puma.........

April 14, 2007 6:09pm CST
A Little Trivia for you... Did you know that the guy who founded Adidas (Adolph 'Adi' Dassler) and the Guy who founded Puma (Rudolph 'Ruda' Dassler) were brothers? The Two German brothers started business together in the 1920's, making sports shoes. Twenty years later after a family feud the brothers split their business and all family ties. Adolf kept Adidas and Rudolph formed a company called 'Ruda', later renamed Puma. This was just the beginning of the Adidas v Puma battle of the brands. They set about competeing with each other to win multi million pound advertising deals and the Brothers never spoke since. The brothers come from a small town near Nuremburg, Germany where the Adidas & Puma head Quarters are still located to this day. Rumour has it that the town is made up of two groups those who support Adidas and those who favour Puma, when strangers meet they first look down to your feet to see what brand trainers/sneakers you are wearing before they engage in conversation! Did you know that?
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@xtina87 (303)
15 Apr 07
nope i didnt know this, never really though about it to be honest but it is very interesting and a good thing to know, you never know what comes up in a quiz somewhere lol. Adidas is a bigger brand nower days but puma is still hanging in there. Didnt adidas buy out Reebok not so long ago? i only know this because they were the sponsor of liverpool and now they have adidas as their sponsor. haha what if some one goes to that town in Nuremburg and they are wearing Nike?
16 Apr 07
Yes thats right Adidas recently bought Reebok, I think they also own Rockport now. Funny you should say that about Nike, cos there is a huge Nike factory in Nuremburg!!