Do you own a corvette

United States
April 14, 2007 6:38pm CST
I feel its sad because when corvettes came out and even to the early to mid late 70's they were targeted to the working man. Now the average working man can't afford to look at them let alone own one. One of my good friends has a 74 and he bought it brand new it was his second one. He says thank god he bought it back then because he could never afford one now. And he makes good money. What do you think?
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• United States
10 Jul 07
I love the corvette, but I could never afford to own one. I really don't know if I would even want to own one, because where I live, we get a lot of snow in the winter, and vet's are terrible in the snow. It just doesn't make sence having such an awesome car that can only be used for a couple months out of the year.