What is the weirdest, most unusual, laughable, forgetable job you ever had?

@oldiebut (859)
April 14, 2007 6:38pm CST
Ok I was a part of a medical research program but my favorite goes to the early 1980s when they first brought out male strippers. I was hired at a local night club with 7 other guys to be "topless waiters". We wore cuffs, bow-ties and pants. The capacity of the bar was about 400 and it was always crammed on Ladies Night, 400-8, you do the math. By the way, you ladies can really get handsie. Anyway, for a 22 year old male, in the early 80s (pre-Aids)this was a job from heaven. I only lasted a year before I couldn't take working nights as well as days, but it is certainly a nice, if slightly wild, memory.
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@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
24 Jul 07
First of all, I'd like to apologize for all ladies, if we get handsie sometimes, ha ha. Well, that certainly sounds like a very interesting and colorful job. I don't think I've had any weird jobs yet, unless you think telemarketing is weird, which actually some people do. I wish I had a more interesting story to share, but sadly I don't, but I'm glad your story is interesting enough for both of us, ha ha.