JUNE 2006 NURSING CONTROVERSY:Who will be blame?

@anne0418 (268)
April 14, 2007 8:01pm CST
What about the recent controversy over our nursing board exams?It has aroused considerable passion both overseas and locally.Well,its a reflection of how corrupt our society has become.This controversy really damaged the reputation of Filipino nurses throughout the world. American recruiters are turning away nurses who took the tainted board exams,while those remain in the philippines are having difficulty finding jobs.Who will be blame on this?
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• Philippines
14 May 07
Im a fresh graduate of Nursing batch 2007. Last year controversy was very traumatic. I didn't plan to take up board exam this coming june, not because Im afraid, but I have the feeling that Im not yet ready. The last year controvesy puts a mark that's very embarrasing. Others opinion was the issue had happened in every board licensure not only in Nursing. Too sad that the 2006 batch has the most number of students that had been involved. Most of the people i know said that PRC should be blame from this coz there are the one who is responsible from giving questionairres to review centers. Im only hoping and asking miracle to God, that May the batch of 2007 will be away from this controversy and may they will not compare our batch to the said batch.