Natural Birth or Medications?

United States
October 19, 2006 8:59pm CST
Some women choose to take medications during their labor and some tend to bear the pain and have more control during laborwith the natural birth. My first one I had an epidural 2 hours before I gave birth just so I can get some sleep, but I was young and never knew the dangers of medications during labor. When my daughter was born she had alot of problems, and so did I my body went into shock. It rare but it happens. So when I found out I was pregnant again I made sure I did all the research I could on the pros and cons on different medications used during labor and birth. I was shocked at some of the stuff I have found. But Im glad I did because now Im going to stick it out and go for the natural birth. It is proven when a women has a natural birth she enjoys her labor more than when under medications. For one she is more focused and more alert also she has more control over her body and their functions. I would rather feel the pain and have some conrol over rather than laying in a bed not knowing whats going on and depending on a doctor or a nurse to let me know what my body is going through. Im only 17 Im young and fit I have plenty of energy and I know (with the right people by my side) that I can deliver a healthy baby naturally. I strongly encourage women to TRY to go as far as you can in labor without medications. I wish someone would have been there for me and told me that, I wouldnt have went through that. But in a way Im glad I did because it taught me a lesson, to know as much as possible about your situation and to look at all the pros and cons of every single outcome of a situation. What is your opinion on Natrual birth vs Medicated birth?
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