Do you believe in Buddha?

April 14, 2007 10:41pm CST
I believe in Buddha very much from I'm a boy.someone may ask why? Because I usually think of the question of birth and death.When I see my friend leave this world one by one.I feel very sorrow.and I know there isn't any way to ger rid of the deavil of death but face.So I get into the world of Buddha.Can you talk about what your feeling about Buddha or death?
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• India
20 Feb 08
I regret to say that after seeing that all your friend leave this world one by one and thereafter you believe in Buddha. I dont agree with u you. If u just remember the words of buddha that whatever u see use your self thought then only.. just,, whatever in this world it will be finish one day. and u will get the exact answer of buddha..
@xueliang (27)
• China
20 Feb 08
yes,I also believe in Buddha very much,and I know a website that is very great! It is about the PURELAND.I study the pureland with the direction of the Master Chinkung.Below is the link of that website. Enjoy it!
• Indonesia
8 Oct 07
Where are you From ?? Thats i'm too,, believe Buddha 100%, he's teacher not God for Us, just teach how we can get to Heaven.... Can, i just got the Awaraness about this... The Buddha is Feeling can touch in deepest my heart, i would go to Right Way with Buddha mind.... So beauty of this...
• Pakistan
15 Apr 07
hmmm friend i cant belive in buddha thats good that you believe on it keep it up friend :)