I Love My GE

@Rozie37 (15503)
April 14, 2007 11:12pm CST
I love my GE cordless phone so much. I have had it for three years now and the only thing that I am having a problem with is finding a replacement battery. I think that the battery may be to old because, after talking for an hour, it starts to beep and then shuts off. Actually, I really don't remember if it ever lasted longer than an hour, but as much as I love to talk on the phone it had to have lasted longer. Does any one know if this indicates that I need a new battery. Aside, from this minor problem, I really enjoy this phone a lot. It has 900 megahertz, I guess that is why I have never had a problem with clarity. I am able to talk clearer on the phone from distances that most of my friends cordless phones can't reach. The answering machine is great also. In fact, my friends cordless stopped working less than a year after she purchased it, so I recommended that she get a GE. Hers is not exactly like mine, but it works just as well. It was definitely a steal at $24.95.
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