Have you ever had an experience that made you appreciate your life?

United States
April 14, 2007 11:37pm CST
I used to be depressed all the time and my life seemed worthless and then one day my baby spoke his first sentence and it was " Mommy don't cry I love you ". Suddenly I had a fight on my hands because I needed to be here for him. After time he began to make achievement after achievement and then I developed cervical cancer, after 13 surgeries and dedicating my life to God then my son went away to college and then I lost my father and two years later got into a very bad car accident and after all that I finally realized life is worth living and I love everyday. I waited till I got 37 years old to start my own business and am still struggling but I'm loving every minute of it. What about you? At what point did you realize you'd like to stick around? For a lot of people the threat of losing their life makes them realize they want to keep on living.
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