Pakistani Cricket in trouble

April 15, 2007 3:16am CST
Pakistani cricket is in deep trouble and in this crutial time some one has to do something no captain is being decided no one is wanting to be a captain so have your say about what to do at this stage.
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• Pakistan
12 May 07
Who do you think should take responsibility, we as citizens? who are we to do anything? do the administrators care about it our suggestions, thoughts. They think they are the men above all, whatever they do is perfect which is why Pakistan team is in such crises. You, I and others can write as much as we want to. But trust me nothing is going to happen. They will be like unmoved, there is no point in wasting our precious time in induldging ourselves in such talks. Nothing is going to get right for the team as long as politicians are running the game. People with no knowledge are running the Cricket Board and you expect them to do something good for the team? man all they are concern about is to earn money, thats it, nobody cares about country pride. I being elder, advice you to stop taking cricket seriously, recall days when pakistan played against india in 96, against Bangladesh in 99, Against Australia in Sharjah, for test series, and now in West Indies against Ireland.
• Pakistan
15 Apr 07
wel some one has to do this job of captaincy and pcb should decide this soon that who is the next captain i think Shahid afridi or shoaib malik both have decent records in captaincy at domestic level . Dont bother PCB needs some time to settle this down and i m sure they will ...
• India
15 Apr 07
INdeed pakistan team has not lived up to its expectation.But cricket is a funny game,anything can happen on a single day.So,there is no need to bother.Just they have to play their natural game