What do you feel when you hold your kids in your arms?

@kishusia (1069)
April 15, 2007 3:18am CST
Whenever I hold my daughters in my arms I feel such pleasure which can not be described in words. It can only be experienced. It is heavenly feeling. How do you feel?
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• Philippines
15 Apr 07
Yes, it is really a heavenly feeling. And she never stop to amaze me. Everyday, she grows, learns.. I feel so happy when I hold her into my arms. No other feelings can be compare. Have a nice day Kishusia! (^^,)
@mujtab20 (434)
• Nigeria
15 Apr 07
I feel happy and great! Like you said I always feel same pleasure which can not be describe. Thanks
• Canada
15 Apr 07
For me,now that I have three boys, each one was different. The first was a whole new experience and filled me with joy. Our second was very collic and had to be held all the time and still wasn't content. Now he is much better (3yrs old) and he will still climb up on my lap which makes me feel good. He's the one that both my wife and I wished we had had more patience with, but it was very hard when he cried 95% of the time. Now our third son( and last) who is just 8 months old is the happiest of all three. He gets so excited and giggles when you go to pick him up. He is very close to me as his mom went back to work early and I have done a lot of the looking after of him. We have little games that we play that he won't play with anyone else. But everyday I see him get bigger is sad in a way as I'm really enjoying him as he is.
• India
15 Apr 07
I married last year and have no kids. But I know the feeling. I play with my sister's kids, my sister-in-law's kids. I hold them in my arms. You are right this pleasure can not be expressed in words. One more thing I have noticed. Children understand your feelings. How they do do it is difficult to say, perhaps the way you hold them, the pressure you exert. A child will cry like hell in the lap of one person but will become quiet if another person hold him. Children are very clever. They may not be able to speak but they understand.
15 Apr 07
I love holding my little boy, he means the world to me and having a cuddle with him is the best feeling ever.