Annoyed by noise

April 15, 2007 4:56am CST
Alarm clock's needle was 2:24 midnight. I can't sleep yet because a sound throughtout my bedroom. You can't to prevent it enter ears even close the window or wear a ear-plug. The voice source from a fruit market. It was 24 hours store in order to keep fresh the seller bought a big refrigerator set those fruit. on the refrigerator backside has about twenty pieces fans. When compressor running fans begin send out noise.Unlucky it face to my house less than six meter distance voice remain clearly to hear. I out of patience with noise. I contract with the fruit seller and wish him can improve that condition. The seller said he was very busy he had do his best if you are impatient you can removing. His word get under mine skin. I decided reported to the environment protection department taking a test of noise. The person who take the value is 53.8 decibel not exceed market restrain standard of 55 decibel. It seems let me learning to get with it or consider remove another place . Whether you have the same as experience or problem ?
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