What did you consider is the greatest gift for you???

April 15, 2007 7:45am CST
For me, we have so many reasons to thank God that's because we are blessed with countless gift from Him: The sun that warms us, the air we breathe, the bounties of nature which we draw food and water the beautiful sight around us. The greatest of God's gift is life itself. All the other gifts merely sustain it. Since life is a precious gift, we should cherish it but do we really valut life as a priceless gift??? I saw many teenager right now taking drugs even the adults drinking alcohol too much that can destroy the internal organs of the body. For you, Did you value the greatest gift? Can you share also what is your greatest gift?visit my website to know more about me: www.geocities.com/mixedinfo
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• India
15 Apr 07
the capabilty to feel for others..and feel happy when others are...