if you wer to DIE today & hav 1 last chance of retreiving a MEMORY,wat wud it be

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April 15, 2007 8:19am CST
i'd think of the day i first saw my baby daughter AWIT PERL. (even if it was a bitter sweet memory.) but it was the day when my prayers came true. i delivered her through an emergency cesarian operation. it was emergency because after 8 hours of labor, the doctor found out that the baby's position wasn't as it should be. in a normal delivery, the baby's face should be facing up in order to slide with ease. apparently, my baby faced downwards. those hours of my laboring, my baby almost lost her life. she was forced to drank a lot of water inside and ate fecal matter. when she was born, she had pneumonia. and the doctor has done something very painful to her. i saw her after 3 days. because of how sensitive her condition was. i missed her so mch. i prayed so hard to see her no matter what her condition was. i wanted to be there for her to protect her. and i felt so depressed not having to see her the minute i delivered her. and when i saw her, she was so tiny and thin, she had this cover on her mouth to give her oxygen. she had needles on her hands and i could see her chest raise so high as she breathed. eventhough this is so painful, i cherish this moment coz this moment, was a gift i received - just to see her - my child - no matter what.
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15 Apr 07
Last summer, my friends had a barbeque at their house and I was invited to go. I wasn't old enough to drink (though everybody said I could, I didn't), and I was too shy to talk much, but I remember sitting out on their porch, shivering in the cold during the early morning hours. And then I stayed the night, and spent most of the next day with my two best friends, just the three of us. I really liked spending time with them. I liked feeling as though they really cared about me.
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@cardizon (223)
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16 Apr 07
truly, no man is an island. :)