the day after tomorrow

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April 15, 2007 8:48am CST
so i finally watched the movie, the day after tomorrow, last night. i know i is not a new movie anymore. i dont get to watch too many movies though. i wish i didnt watch it. it is really a scary thought. we live in pa, not far from ny so it really scared me. i think i was having a mini panic attack. my husband walked in the room and asked me what the heck i was watching because i had this look on my and now, us on the east coast, are experiencing a strange noreastern type storm today. tons of rain and snow in some areas and up to 50 mph winds. so can i say...i should not have watched that movie last night. i am freaked. anyone else feel this same way??? or am i just a crazy freak? lol!!
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• United States
2 Aug 07
ohh I loved that movie soo much!! but i wil tell you what!! it opened my eyes to a whole new world that could scared the beejeevas outta me as well!that very well could happen someday and with global warming doing what its been doing..i may have a chance since im high in the mountains..but my gaww..can u just imagine?? either!!!