are you working within your profession??

@chiumee (851)
April 15, 2007 9:40am CST
hi there! i finished a course. i passed the licensing exam. but when i get to apply for work, i ended up getting other jobs instead of insisting on looking for a job that exactly fits my profession. well, i should have been working as an allied professional in a hospital or at least in a clinic. but where i am working now is quite far. i am actually into teaching. whew! good thing, i am able to use my profession but only as part time and also only at times that i get to have clients. it's not regularly that i practice my profession. how bout y'all? where did you plan to have been working yet where are you now?
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@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education with specialization in English when I was in college. I have worked as an office personnel, a typist-encoder, a secretary, a bookkeeper and events specialist and now I have my own business which is an internet cafe. We are also managing my aunt's beach resort here, The Wassenaar Beach Resort, in the Philippines. I guess they are kinda far from my course, right?
@crazynurse (7489)
• United States
15 Apr 07
Yes and no! From my earliest days I wished to be a nurse. I finished high school and went to college to become a nurse. AFter finishing college and taking the national licensing exam to become a nurse I worked as a nurse in many facets of the profession for 15 years. At that time I returned to school for a master's degree in nursing and have spent the last 13 years teaching nursing at the college level. As a teacher, I do not 'work in the profession of nursing' but I do accompany students to the hospital for the clinical aspect of their training. While at the hospital I do assist with skills training and of course work with patients. So I am in the classroom and at the hospital! I dearly love the profession and would not do anything any differently if I had it to do over again!