Difference between Baptist and Methodist????

United States
April 15, 2007 11:20am CST
Does anyone have examples of the differences between the Baptist religion and the Methodist religion? I have always been raised Baptist, but I found a wonderful Methodist church where I like the people and all. I have just started going, but my mom is really not happy that I have chosen a Methodist church over a Baptist. I tried the local Baptist and I just didn't get the "family" feel as I do in the Methodist. To me, I beleive all religion is basically the same. Am I wrong here? Are there any major differences between these two?
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• Australia
16 Apr 07
There are two major differences between Baptists and Methodists. Firstly, Baptists baptise by immersion only, as recorded in the New Testament. With Methodists, the normal method is sprinkling, but baptism by immersion is given if requested. Secondly, a big difference is in administration. The Methodist Church is organised at a State level and has an appointed local board. The Baptist Church has a congregational-based admin. The local board is elected by the local members. Congregational meetings vote to call a pastor and vote on Church business. You will find different standards in different Baptist Churches and in different Methodist Churches, depending on the pastor/office board. There are a number of doctrinal differences but these are not major. Most agree on the fundamental doctrines.
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16 Apr 07
I found this to be very interesting. The Methodist church here runs basically in the same way as you described the Baptist church. The only time "sprinkling" is done is with small babies or for those who specifically request to be baptized inside the church. Otherwise it is always done by full immersion at a lake. The only exception was one elderly man that asked for it to be done in a hot tub because he wanted the full immersion experience but didn't want to wait until summer. The only dealings this church seems to have with the State is the once yearly review of the Pastor and even then it is limited to them coming in and asking the PPR if they have voted to keep him or ask him to leave. I wonder if these differences are because this is a rural community with a mix of Methodist and Baptist or if our long time pastor brought these ideas with him from his last church.
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• Australia
18 Apr 07
Foxyfire, I find your input very interesting. I know such a thing would not happen here and I wonder if it is because of the pastor and his influence. I doubt if it would be the norm, but the Methodist Church could be different in USA. The Baptist Church would never baptise infants. They do not recognise chistening, but believe in believer's baptism and only baptise after a confession of faith.