AdBux: NEW Great PTC....Try and let me know

April 15, 2007 11:54am CST I think it's a WONDERFUL Pay to has max 19 link in the homepage (don't send mails...the link are in the site)and for every click (can't do more then one at the same time) it give 1 EURO CENT! 100% of referral... It can sound strange but this is how it works: NO referral: they gain 1, 37 € for 100 click (See the site for further infos) Referral: they (WM) gain 0,37 cents for 100 clicks... So economically It seem true... Now the surfing function is stopped because of the amazing amount of persons...they now must buy a DEDICATE SERVER!!! In 5 days they have had 3500 new members...and sold 40000 clicks (websites pay 2,37 € for can imagine ;-)) TRY and let me know!
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