What are some good snacks for toddlers

@lenapoo (674)
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April 15, 2007 12:43pm CST
I have a daycare and I want to know if ne one knows of anything creative to try with my preschoolers I want it to related to the spring time because that is our theme for this week.
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16 Apr 07
I prefer cheese slices, apple slices, papad(or tortillas) roasted etc.
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15 Apr 07
i worked in a daycare for a few years, and one thing my preschoolers loved to do in springtime was plant flowers. but in Styrofoam cups :P the kids can decorate their " flower pots" any way the please, such as glue little construction paper leaves and petals to the cup, painting them, or coloring on them with markers. and then u get some potting soil of course and they can plant their own flower, and watch them grow all spring and summer:) this is a great project because its cost efficient, and you would use alot of the materials you already have in your daycare, and because the kids have to water them everyday, so it teaches them a bit of responsibility:) i think one year we used marigolds because they grow so well, with little maintenance. as far as the question in your posts title ( i wasnt sure how to respond to this because the description and the title seemed to ask for different things to me lol) i found a website that has alot of neat recipes that are related to springtime foods, and they are age appropriate. ( for your toddlers) im not sure how your time schedule works out but perhaps you could cook them the night before. Alot of the recipes call for foods that are big allergy concerns, such as strawberries,peanuts,and banannas, but you know who has what allergies if any at all :) here is the site: http://www.recipezaar.com/rss?categ=finger-food hope this was helpful! :)