A Child Of God

@Rozie37 (15503)
April 15, 2007 5:53pm CST
Anyone who is a child of God is a minister. Whatever talents God has given you, they are to be used to advance his kingdom. One of the ways that I minister is through the grace gift of mercy. I love to be there for people who are hurting and in pain. I like to listen and help guide people to a better life. Sometimes, I feel deeply, the pain that others are experiencing. I love to give and see others smile. I like to see people laughing and having a good time. Some people who see this in me assume that it is weakness and try to change me into what they think I should be. While others, see it as an opportunity to take advantage. And still others accept and understand what I am all about, so they appreciate me. It is hard to know that someone is purposely or even unwittingly taking advantage of you and you have to continue to love them and treat them right. Sometimes, I want to jump up and fight for me and there are times that I do, but it only leaves me feeling worse about the situation. These are the situations that I want to walk away from and never look back. But God has a purpose in everything that he does. There is a reason that we go through the things that we do. I try to learn a lesson and find God in every trial, although many times I can not see clearly what he is doing, I am learning to trust him more every day.
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
16 Apr 07
I like your attitude. That is a great way to be. I have been hrt a few time myself by helping people out and I have had others tell me to stop. I help others out also untill I see that they are just in it for their selfs and I learned a lesson I also talk to others about God and Jesus as much as can. Thanks for sharing this and this sounds like a great way to show others God's love.
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