if your friend ask for help from you,but you are busy with other things,what you

April 15, 2007 8:02pm CST
if your good friend ask for help from you,but you are busy with other things,what you will say to him? Just tell him you have no time to help him . How to express this meanings without hurt his feelings? It is a little hard,but it really eisit in our world. What you will do?
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@777330975 (332)
• Sri Lanka
16 Apr 07
I just dont turn down my friends, for that matter anyone who ask for help. If I am busy and if a good friend ask for help, depending on the urgency of the requirement I will try to help then and there. But if it is something I can do it later, I will asusre (not that they need any assurance from me, they all know that they could count on me) my friend that Since I am bit busy now I will attend to his/ her need soon as I finish the existing work. Good friends do understand my dear.
@lucy67 (819)
• China
16 Apr 07
i will see which is more important and urgent and then decide which thing to do first. if i have to do my own thing first, i'll explain to him and try to help him immediately when i have time.
@SatoNa (248)
• Indonesia
16 Apr 07
It's depend on my mood. If I want to help her, I will help.. but If I don't, I give my reason and tell her what I'm doing now.. Or maybe I will think which one is important.. maybe If what I'm doing it's not so important, then I'll help her for a while.. ^-^
@LadyFenix (110)
• United States
16 Apr 07
if they ask me for help it depends on what I'm doing and what it is that they need help with If it's raining out and they are locked out of their car and I'm home cleaning I'm sure I can tear myself away from cleaning to drive them home to get their spare key hey and maybe they can come over afterward and help me finish cleaning hehehe
@SpitFire179 (2536)
• Canada
16 Apr 07
Weather i'm busy or not, weather i have my own things going on or not, no matter what i will be there for my friends, i will be there for anyone who needs it and i can help. I never turn anyone down, i'm there when i can be. If i don't have something they need, i do my best to help them, and if i can't right away, they get the truth, that i can't because i don't have the means at the moment to make it possible, but i will still do my best to help them. I'm a helper, i want to make sure everyone is well taken care of.