poem in a bottle

United States
October 19, 2006 10:53pm CST
Can a young man live,But thats not really the question. Wifey Material?Naw thats not what I'm suggestin'. Why not? Cuz I'm not materialistic. Can I have or get,Someone more realistic. You aint got to be perfect,Just give me some good news. Like your here for my love,Not clothes and new jewels. Not sayin you wont get it,As a matter of fact you will. But lets get to know each other first!"Chill"... A wife is never made, All girls need practice. 1 relationship should do it,Cuz it shows whats lackin'. Doesn't have to be 2&3 years,Just enough to see some things. Now that you see, find me,And I'll complete your dreams. I promise true love,And complete honesty too. If you feel the same,It's got to be true. your the girl,That wants the same for me. Sometimes cook... And throw on the game for me. But my suprises,Will have your heart meltin. Rose petals lead to the bed,With candle wax meltin. We do not for each other,But for"US". 1 car and you need it,I wont mind taking the bus. Fine dinning... Sometimes a movie and take out. U can trust me if I go to the club,I wont stay out. I expect you to,Do the samething. Chill wit ya girls,Go out, do the same things. But you got to make sure,You keep the trust strong. Cuz without it,You can say our love's gone. I'm not trying to tell you,How to treat or be treated. It's just we should treat people,How we wanna be treated. So if I give you,Nothing but pure love. A great gift back,Would just be your love. I have a big"Heart",So its hard to get mad. But dont try taking advantage,Cuz its hard to fix that. All I poses in my heart,Can be considered a love potion. Butr if you dont want it,Please throw this poem and bottle back in the ocean.
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