What's your take on a one-country world?

April 16, 2007 12:43am CST
We've all seen bits and pieces of some countries being very poverty stricken, while others revel in luxury cars. Wouldn't making the world a single country solve many of these cases? Or, do you have a different opinion?
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• Philippines
16 Apr 07
Being One world, One country is one of the greatest goal of humankind. But this kind of picture is nothing but dream,because every country has its own way of life, has their own tounge, has its set of culture. How can they be possibly unite if they refuse to mix. Who will lead and what country will be the capital? Everybody has its pride, and everybody wants to rule the world, and that reason why we can't be as one, when all together are different from one another. But there's still hope, and that is if God speak to us and say that He'll go down and lead us as one. Just pray.
• India
17 Apr 07
I wouldn't say that. For on thing, many countries have different cultures within their states. The only barrier, for a one-country world, is the mindset. If all of us made up our minds to do it, it will happen.