Do you have trouble sleeping?

@GuateMom (1411)
April 16, 2007 1:41am CST
I have been up since 4 am, but I am still sitting here at the computer! It is now nearly 1 am! Originally, I figured I would go to bed when my son woke up, which is usually around 11 pm. however, he didnĀ“t wake up and now I am afraid to go to bed because I know I will just fall asleep and he will be up and wanting me to change him! I hate that, just falling into a deep, dreamy sleep and a wail pulls you back out! Anyone else have troubles sleeping? What is your reason?
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• Singapore
16 Apr 07
Naturally. I have insomnia most of the time and I have said the same on quite a few discussions and responses. I used to sleep at 1-2am 10 years back. Gradually, it become 3am, then 4am, then 5am and now 6am. I still try to sleep earlier... TRY... my goal is about 3am but I would be lucky if my lights are off at 4am. I am trying this meditation that seems to be working. I lie there on my bed, and think of nothing. If you have a faith, you can concentrate on some symbol of your faith. Anyway, that is just to make my thoughts empty. Then I will start with my feet and imagine they are gone. Slowly I will lose control of my entire body. Then I will sink, deeper and deeper... and I will fall asleep. It is working most of the time and I am so glad.
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@Melody1 (968)
• India
24 Jun 07
I do have trouble sleeping quite often.Like you,I find myself sitting in front of my computer till the wee hours.With the practice of yoga,I do feel relaxed and sleepy.But some nights I want to remain awake out of habit it seems.Funny ,but it seems quite true.Lol