I am going through a emotional crisis.What do you do when you are down emotional

@rb200406 (1825)
April 16, 2007 2:31am CST
At this period of my life i am going through a personal & emotional crisis.I have lost interest in the life.What should i do?What do you do when you are down & out?How can i start to enjoy life again?
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@Autisteek (326)
• Philippines
16 Apr 07
when i had my first love had a new love of his own two years ago, i was devastated. I feel like ive lost everything except the pain in my heart which grows bigger and bigger everyday. I never ate a proper meal for two weeks, i cry and cry the whole day, skipped classes, forgot about my own life. I even thought i would be that miserable all my life if i will not be able to have him back. At that time, every song, every lover i see on the streets kills me, so i stayed at home like all day, goes to bed early yet bare sleeps at night. I even transferred to another school. I guess the change of environment did it for me. I met new friends, who were all intrigued by me at the start since im the brightest in the class and challenges the teacher yet talks to no one else during free times. Im the class outcast, the class doll. I dress kind'a better than they do, and im smart yet since im mysterious, im kind'a intimidating. I broke out from silence when a gentle classmate (Tina) approached my while crying, she asked me what she's supposed to do with her broken heart. I contemplated for a while then i said, "how will i answer you when i myself don't know what to do with mine?". She stopped sobbing and we told each others' stories. that's the second one, find someone you can pour your heart into. The third one, do not be the old you, be the new you, still you, but better you. you gotta boost your own morale. Make yourself respectable and valuable. Do not think about the others, just put yourself to the standards where you yourslf will love yourself. That's it. Self-love if appropriate is the next best tool to faith. and fourth, check your faith. Why do you feel like losing interest in life? sometimes we all feel empty and life seems effete, but its all in our perspective. Count your blessings (to know that you are not left alone by God) and count your hardships (to know that there are still many things that will help you improve yourself and teach you how to dance with the song of life). i started enjoying life again when i became the heartache guru of the class since there's only one male in that class and the girls talked about nothing but love, relationships and the like. Everytime one has a love problem, tina will ask me out loud what do i say about it, and i will answer their questions based on my experiences. And after a few months, i noticed that im getting my life back. I never thought it was possible, when only a few months back, i wanted to die. I never thought how God works in our lives, how he makes us feel the emptiness and make us learn to fill it with a love that comes only from Him. Count your blessings, assess yourself, establish your faith. I wanna share something that ive read quite awhile ago.. "People live as if they will never die and die as if they never lived". - this helped me reasses my life. Why was i bored with life? why do i lose my interest on it? Maybe i just need to do something different, something i can work out, something that will put my interest with life, something that will be my mark on this planet, even if it is just a little thing and even if no one will notice, something i can be proud of as a child of my God. Now i am the president of the student council, reputed as the "student-adviser" hehehe, i am their tutor after class when they can't understand the lesson. I really take time to help them and i enjoy it. I also teach out of school youths, without pay. It makes me feel my own value, and i know as i do things, people will remember me, and so will God. Its a bit of sacrifice and discipline, but it will surely make you feel better sooner. Its about leaving your mark on earth. Maybe that's what you need... do the things you love and find the meaning of your life there by helping others through it.
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
17 Apr 07
It is so nice to read about your experience.Really it has helped me.I will try to come out of it & look at my life more positively.thanks a lot.
@nkkyluv (83)
• Nigeria
16 Apr 07
i know how it feels like being down & out cos i've bn there before, firstly, you have to have a sober reflection on everything, try to understand what and where it went wrong so as to put things right next time, always stay with friends, try & pull yourself together and remember that the more you wallow in self pity, the more harm you are doing yourself, go out more often amd if possible, travel out of your place for sometime so as to forget what led to your misery, get up & be happy ok? no one has the right to put you thru all this, good luck!!!
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