i had a quarrel with my roommate. have you the same experience?

April 16, 2007 6:11am CST
The other day i had a quarrel with my roommate because of dealing with rubbish. i wanted to deal with them at once,but he insisted i should go to look wether there was the person who collect the waste things outside. as a matter of fact i saw the person at noon when i went to have dinner and i told him at the moment. but he still insisted on it. then i had a little anger, said to him" this business belongs to us, but me. why always i go to handle it? he thought i got angry with others and had transfered it to him.i continued to say " yet i cannot image how dirty our dorm get that just like your personal sanitation!" in fact, he didn't form a good habit since he just was a child. for example, he alomost don't take a bath until we cannot suffer from his smell. he always don't brush teeth when he would be late for the class. his bad habits have impact on us. now we don't talk on purpose. but i felt embarrassed when there left our two person. i hope time can ask us to forget it.
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