have you got any suggestions on how i can earn enough money to buy a smallholdin

April 16, 2007 8:40am CST
its been one of my dreams.. to live in an old traditional farmhouse... still with the flag stones in the kitchen... old fashioned cooker....the kids coming in with muddy wellies.... and the chickens wondering around the place.. and coming into the kitchen etc...... but old style farmhouses with land are going for silly money.... totally out of our reach... plus now people are buying them and modernising them sooooo much that the charecter is taken out of them... so have you got any suggestions on how i can earn/find more money... to pay off our exsisting bills and save enough to even come close to having a good size deposit..? i sell on ebay/amazon... and to be honest... the money from these sales are helping us live.. so i could step up a gear... on these and push to try and sell more... i have signed up to a few paid to read sites....which do add up.. but really i do need some referals ..under me... to step it up a bit... but i dont know a lot of people...( i will gladly send you a referal link ..if you are interested ) i have also sown more seeds than i need for my garden....veg/flowers so what ever surplus i get i will try and sell off....will also take some cuttings etc... so if you got any ideas on how i can get loads of money.....without winning the lottery ..or robbing a bank..lol.... let us know.....
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